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Values Exercise to Manifest your Dreams NOW!

If you are not paying full attention to your life and consciously aligned with your values, deciding where and how you want it to go, you’ll soon be blown around like a leaf in the wind.

Everyone else will be in control of your life and you will be left feeling listless and remorseful for the life you could have had.

Don't let that be you.

What are values? Values are maps that guide us. 

Values change to reflect the culture and society of the day. Public perception of smoking and its acceptance has changed.

Individual values also change as your life changes. Your values from 10 years ago are not the same as they are now.

When you feel out of balance, very often, it's because you are not behaving in a manner that is aligned with your current values.

To align with your values and be guided by them, you must know what they are. Understanding and aligning with your values helps you to make better decisions about your life, your relationships and your business.

What are your values? Adventure, security, romance, communication, integrity??? Find out now.

1 Module

Values Exercise

What's included in your Values Exercise:

::  Step by Step Video Guide

::  Instruction Sheet

::  Worksheet

::  Printable Values Cards.

::  Bonus: #1 International Best Seller, ZEST Your Life–A Taste of Inner Wisdom, Chapters 21 & 20

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