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Powerful juicy First Impression

Powerful juicy First Impression

Powerful juicy First Impression is the complete process to the unique way to Stand Out, Get Noticed & Boost Your Business.

It’s also designed to help you boost all of your relationships because, in my opinion, that’s why we’re on the planet.

It’s all about building those relationships.

1 Module

Powerful juicy First Impression

All your lessons are in this module.

Day 1 - Begin with the end in mind.

Day 2 - What can you do for them?

Day 3 - Who do you serve?

Day 4 - Personal appearance and image.

Day 5 - Questions are magic.

Day 6 - How can you help them?

Day 7 - What results have they been getting?

Day 8 - Find your voice.

Day 9 - Be nice to everyone.

Day 10 - Play it forward.

Modules for this product 1

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