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Hi, I'm Linda

An experienced lifestyle visionary, offering programs and coaching for YOU to:

:: Rekindle Your Heart's True Desire to Discover Your Dreams...Choose to live the life you want

:: Align your Values with every decision you make

:: Make a Powerful juicy First Impression to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for

:: juicy Effective Conversation Techniques to feel confident during any conversation

:: Move from ZERO to ZE$T leadership

:: Fully achieve a beautiful dream business and life...

I believe that when women & men truly step into their leadership and into their power, we can build a better world. I can help you tap into that.

Available Products

FREE Use the Medicine Wheel to Create Your Dreams

When did we all stop believing in magic? 

Why did we put all our hopes in a box in the attic? 

Katy Perry - Daisies 

Has this happened to you? It happened to me. We get so busy with our lives that we can forget about ourselves.

The Dreams & Desires Vision Workshop is here for you to clarify, visualize, and focus on the life you want.

In this workshop, you will crystallize what you want in your life and your business so that you are in power and control.

“This was so much fun and so interesting! Thank you for sharing your wisdom Linda.”
“Linda, that was great. I am excited to update my vision board with all your ideas in mind.”
“Thank you so much Linda for your time and ideas. I love the stories. Thanks for sharing!”
“We often place goals surrounding physical things, but I’ve never reflected on how I want those things to make me feel.” 

Values Workshop to Manifest your Dreams NOW!

Where and when do values start? 

We are taught by our image makers’ values–what's right and what’s wrong, how to treat others, etc. 

From a very early age, values give direction and purpose to the way you spend each day, the choices you make and the path you follow. 

Values are the things that you believe are important in how you live and work. Values shape our priorities, our beliefs, our actions and they are reflected in our language.

"She taught me to put my priorities in the order and ever since I have balance in my personal and professional life. I’m a lot happier, more organized and focused."

Powerful Juicy First Impression Digital Video

One of the BEST ways to ZEST your life is having a POWERFUL first impression.

All across the globe, COVID-19 has changed how people interact.

Businesses are hosting online virtual events, job interviews are conducted via Zoom, and something as simple as a handshake is now a thing of the past.

So, how do you introduce yourself in a way that adapts to this shift?

How do you FEEL being on a screen to meet people?

At an in-person event (now that they are slowly reopening), are you CONFIDENT that your First impression is the best reflection of YOU?

With POWERFUL JUICY FIRST IMPRESSION, you’ll be guided through my SIGNATURE process to avoid you EVER stumbling through your introduction again!

With guided worksheets, and AMAZING videos where you learn by example, YOU WILL:

🍊    Stand Out

🍊    Get Noticed

🍊    AND Boost Your Business 

Say HELLO to clients EXCITED to work with you!

Are you READY to get started?

"Thank you for helping me get clarity!🌞 I apply your advice every day and it is a major improvement in my quality of life!🌷🦋"

Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques

A great number of problems are caused by faulty conversations.

You know, you get into that bad conversation spiral, you’re trapped and you can't get out.

A thoughtless remark, a misread gesture, a sentence that lacks finesse or sensitivity, can change a meeting, a date, a gathering that is going smoothly into chaos and conflict. It could take hours, weeks, months or years to undo.

Misunderstanding  and confusion costs time, money and energy.

Good communication is a necessary tool for every person, every organization and every relationship.

We must all become proficient in holding meaningful conversations in order to love ourselves, others and our work.

Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques to feel confident during any conversation:

  • Increase Clarity
  • Create Understanding
  • Stand in Your Power
  • Establish Your Road to Revenue
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