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Powerful Juicy First Impression

Powerful Juicy First Impression is my SIGNATURE process that for you to:

🍊    Stand Out

🍊    Get Noticed

🍊    AND Boost Your Business

Not only can this course dramatically change your business, it can be used to ZEST every connection you have. It’s all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS, which, in my opinion, is why we are here in the first place. 

The Powerful Juicy First Impression process is a series of actions that you learn in order to achieve greater meaning, deeper understanding, and the kind of relationships that come from the heart.

Included in this digital video course:

:: 10 powerful days of short videos (under 10 minutes each)

:: a workbook to keep you on track

:: excerpts from my #1 International best-selling book: ZEST Your Life– A Taste of Inner Wisdom

:: 10 simple questions you can swipe and ask your prospective clients in order to create curiosity and get people interested in what you do

BONUS You can have a bonus call with me. We’re going to go over your introduction, and we’re going to go over any questions that you have. I’m open to spending time with you to work on your most pressing question.

To qualify, go to the Facebook group, post your video introduction as it is now #powerful #digital, and again at the end of the course when you are have completed all the exercises #powerful #digital.

1 Module

Powerful Juicy First Impression

All your videos are right here. 

Day 1 - Begin with the end in mind. What’s the point? Clarity and intention are key.

Day 2 - What can you do for them? Can you be of service? What do people really mean when they ask “what do you do?”.

Day 3 - Who do you serve? Who do you WANT to work with and NOT want to work with? You want to enjoy what you do, so knowing your non-negotiables is EXTREMELY important.

Day 4 - Personal appearance and image. What image are you leaving behind? You are part of your brand marketing so you need to dress the part.

Day 5 - Questions are magic. What are they NOT telling you? Applying open-ended questions at the right time can get you even MORE answers fast.

Day 6 - How can you help them? Have you been listening? Hone in on hidden opportunities.

Day 7 - What results have they been getting?Who are you?  Prepare answers to some common questions so you won’t stumble when it’s your turn to answer.

Day 8 - Find your voice. Can you relate? Showing someone you can relate to them on a deeper level develops a connection they will remember.

Day 9 - Be nice to everyone. Can you play nice? People remember how you made them feel, so, smile more, say thank-you, and make eye contact.

Day 10 - Play it forward. How can you help others with your newfound confidence? Reach out and introduce those who are where you used to be. 

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