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Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques

The Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques program really can:

  • Improve your problem solving skills. Problems are resolved with Effective Conversations.
  • Increase clarity. Confusion costs time and money.
  • Create better understanding. Misunderstanding causes chaos.

You will:

  • Be an intentional conversationalist and communicator.
  • Be inspired, confident, self-assured and ready to engage with anyone.
  • Expand and enhance your leadership and conversation skills.

By taking the Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques program you really can:

  • Move from ZERO to ZE$T leadership.

  • Stand in your power and feel confident during any conversation.

1 Module

Modules list

Module 1 - Values, focus & intent.

Module 2 - Closing the conversation gap.

Module 3 - Questions and barriers, behaviour assessment.

Module 4 - Problem solving. Focus on people.

Modules for this product 1

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